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To Apply:

Link for application

Deadline - December 13, 2023

Festival Dates: 

August 2, 2024 - workshop & tech

August 3 & 4, 2024 - performances

DSC01046 copy.jpg

The inaugural Latinx Movement Festival in DC will bring five movement artists throughout the nation and locally to share in open to the public performances. Themes within the program center on researching binational identity, immigrant narratives, identity politics, gender, and queerness within the Latinx/e viewpoint. 

The festival highlights how the definition of movement is not directed to target a specific genre and is open to the diasporic range of Latinx/e movement contributions throughout the nation. The title of the festival “latinx/e” implies the presence of socio-political awareness (and tension) of the contributions of this opportunity and the culture that is currently being observed and experienced by the Latinx/e community. This festival is in partnership with Manuel Cuellar and Corazón Folklórico DC. Additional support will come from the Latinx Hispanic Dancers United, directed by David Herrera in San Francisco, CA.

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