En la Tierra

En la Tierra is inspired by the Mexican proverb "they tried to bury us, they did not know we were seeds" and a solo work called This is where/I Begin... It is supported by the Hispanic National Bar Association and has been premiere at their virtual conference as well as Silicon Valley Pride 2020. The work is a reflection of growing up in the US as a marginalized Latin American immigrant, it is an observation of present identity in conversation with intersectionality, and it creates a vision for the future.

Fading Fade Out

Fading Fade Out performs, shares, and engages the complex conversation between colored performers, identity, and experience along with the influence of a white modern dance form. The work highlights support within community, how it can unravel and engage anti white supremacy conversations. By making, performing, sharing, and advocating for bodies of color it is how we elevate and engage the communities that are seen as marginalized between the binary complex of America. We fill the void, with our bodies, ideas, and movement; performing for all audiences. It exposes the critical conversation of brown bodies reimagining white techniques, using them to create and fill the space with their own bodies, movement, and narratives.  

Remember Summer

Remember Summer was initially inspired by the social and cultural change that the disco era brought to marginalized communities. Now it is also in conversation with present social consciousness and discord. This work examines forms of coping while creating a sense of liberation. It draws inspiration from Donna Summer and Disco while the night life. It dreams about how things were and makes space for how things will be. 

Seven Stages of Mirage

Seven States of Mirage is a collective movement self-portrait within bound space. It intertwines thoughts and physical tension to create layered dimensionality. The dancers' developed and researched physical practices focused on dynamic forms of tension.