This is where/I Begin....

A motion memoir. Retracing steps, memories, and the constructs of humanity within the states. 

"These immigrants are trying to tell America their stories. And it’s time for all of America to listen."

     -Petula Dvorak, Washington Post

Boundless Trajectory

"Mata is a powerful presence of regal grandeur, grace, determination, and strength. His movements are glorious: light-footed leaps like a flying eagle, daring backbends and deep pivots that touch the ground then soar to greater heights with total ease and control."

-Ramona Harper, DC Metro Theater Arts


With wit, leaps, kicks, and unpredictability, the dance shuffles through episodes that expose the psychology of dreams. Desire, experiences, turns, and movement make up this dance work.

Awarded the "Audience Pick" for the MN Fringe Festival 

Made Man 

"Marvelous… mysterious..." -Tiffany Mills

"Very organic... Primal... Very connected"-Larry Lavender

"Owned the crowd" -Brian Vernon

Other Dance works:

Out bound (2020) Collaboratively choreographed     

Blue Breaking Storm (2019)

Doubled Bodies (2019)  co-choreographed with Krissy Harris

Escape Artist (2017)   

Foul Play (2014)  

It (2013)

Fly Away With Me (2013)         

Caged Heart (2012)  

Hidden Layers (2011)