Joteria: Our Untold Stories... expands the voices, bodies, and notions of the Mexican American identity with movement and storytelling centered around queerness.

Premiered to a sold-out performance as part of the Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival in March 2022 in Washington, DC. 

Funded by the DCCAH Fellowship Grant and the DL14 Commissioned Social Justice Program.

La Carta.jpeg

Performing at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

tickets link TBA


3754 Pleasant Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55409

August 5 at 10:00PM
August 6 at 4:00PM
August 8 at 5:30PM
August 10 at 7:00PM
August 11 at 8:30PM

In their first ever collaboration, Gabriel and Adrian combine their passion for movement and storytelling to explore the intersections and complexities of their experiences as queer Latinx men. Drawing from their real life, they expose, contemplate, and challenge the notions of homophobia, racism, and colorism that they have and continue to experience. Their art explores their journey of Latinidad, processes cultural norms and traditions, and prioritizes authenticity and vulnerability. 


Through a series of both scripted and unscripted scenes, Gabriel and Adrian invite the audience on an intimate adventure where they recreate their vision of theater as an experience more accessible to brown and queer people. They replace traditional formalities and opt for a more improvised engagement approach with audience members, producing unique art in real time.


Lighting Design by 

Juan Juarez


Illustrations by 

Kyle Marcus Bryant


Photography by 

Rob Klug