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Through a movement centered practice, I access a multidisciplinary approach in crafting unspoken narratives into physicalized expressions. My 7-year research has led me to create motion memoirs. I define motion memoirs as a movement centered reflection with critically rooted present embodiment that carves a space for the future body. 

I work in researching how lived experience and motion manifest in form from choreographic devices with attention to physical meaning. This viewpoint, by extension, is what attends to also create a space for audience engagement.


The creation of motion memoirs comes from lived experience. Its founding comes from an avenue into grounding presence and protest from an undocumented immigrant status. In my evening length work of This is where/I Begin…, a contemporary modern dance work, I physicalized my immigrant upbringing with creating a minimalistic and abstract spatial pattern that was removed by the end of the performance. The work fleeting and unbound, such as my undocumented status in the United States, was a comment and interrogation on how undocumented and immigrant bodies are not dynamically rooted in the national consciousness. 

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Motion Memoirs

       rainbow fragments

       Out of the Shadows 


       This is where/I Begin...

       In this time

     Gray Space

       Boundless Trajectory

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