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38th Annual Choreographers Showcase; Lockdown Videos.

      presenting Remember Summer 

January 22 - 24, 2021 via Facebook Live


Info TBA

2020 Past Performances:

- Premiere of This is where/I Begin...

-Electric Idols by haus of bambi at the 37th Annual    Choreographers Showcase

-American College Dance Association - Mid-Atlantic North

       Alvin  Mayes' Stones in the Garden

       Choreographic Collaboration Outbound 



2019 Past Performances:

-Electric Idols by haus of bambi at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 

- 36th Annual Choreographers Showcase - Maryland  - DREAMING (excerpt) 

-American College Dance Association - premiering Made Man

-Free Fall 49 by Brendan Fernandes

-Agora Dance - By the People Festival 

-Cunningham Centennial Celebration at Dance Place

          July 27th 8:00pm and 28th at 4:00pm

-CollabFest at Trsikelion Arts - Brooklyn

         September 19th - This is where/I Begin...

-sjDANCEco's Fall Season 2019

-haus of bambi: Premiering: Electric Idols - October 24 & 25

-Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers

          November 15 and 16, 2019

-Contemporary Viewpoints at Dance Place

          December 7 and 8, 2019 

2018 Past Performances:

-sjDANCEco 16th Fall Season - San Jose, CA

-Mark Fohringher Dance Projects SF - Jazz at Lincoln NYC

-Anatomy of Hope by Nhan Ho - Santa Clara, CA

-Tendril 6 by Diane Frank at the Veterans War Memorial - San Francisco, CA 

-Agora Dance at the Kennedy Center - Washington D.C.

-Boundless Trajectory at Dance Place - Washington D.C.

-Out of the Shadows at The Washington Ballet -Washington D.C.

-Escape Artist at SpectorDance - Marin, CA

-DREAMING at The Southern Theater - Minneapolis, MN

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