phonetic pronunciation: (gah-bryehl mah-tah)

phonetic pronunciation: (gah-bryehl mah-tah) is a trilogy of award winning hour-long solo works. Exploring themes of identity, immigration, and citizenship. Gabriel brings his personal narrative into the space with talking dances, humor, and the complexity of the American Dream as an undocumented Mexican American.

Out of the Shadows

Awarded the Best of Fringe by Twin Cities Arts Reader 2017, this work dives into the insecurities of performers and how it connects to trauma. Out of the Shadows is also a coming out narrative of this performers immigrant identity.

 Length: 54 minutes


Awarded the Audience Choice Award at the Minnesota Fringe in 2018. This work is on the dynamic theme of dreaming. The dreams, the daydreams, the nightmares, and the Dreamer status. 

 Length: 50 minutes​

This is where/I Begin...

This final solo questions citizenship and the notions behind it. It looks into the bodies in space as well as memories. It sets the hopes and dreams for a brighter future while remembering the past and being aware of the present. The complexity unravels.

 Length: 53 minutes​

Solo Body Project work by guest choreographers

           Alvin Mayes - Stones in the Garden                    Diane Frank - Tendril 6                    Keith Johnson - Fall Risk                      Maria Basile - Grit                                                       Joel Smith - gabriel

           Robert Woofter - They dripped from his mouth like juice and he marveled…